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Celestial Copper wrapped Triple Agate and Labradorite necklace 💚🤍

Greetings Magical Souls,

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Hi Amanda,

Thank you so much for this energy healing session! There is so much value in what you are offering! I began feeling benefits just prior to deciding I would go for it.

Last night as I was reading your email, I was in tears from all of the useful guidance, as well as just feeling how much you truly care about the people you help.

I have noticed all of the healing is creating positive shifts.


Amanda is such an amazing bright and beautiful soul ! Her energy is just amazing honestly her voice alone will make you feel such high vibrations.
She has done a quantum energy healing for me and it was a very powerful experience.

I’ve also have gotten some of her reiki oils and sprays which smell amazing and literally make you feel amazing. I look forward to purchasing more and using other services of hers !

I will definitely recommend everyone to her ❤️ keep being amazingly wonderful.


The most AMAZING hand crafted essential oil blends you'll ever use! I love them all, it is so hard to choose just one! I use I am positive spray in my salon space all the time and people always comment on how amazing it smells!

I also have purchased many crystals from magically souls and they are all super high quality and charged with reiki energy so there is no need to clear or cleanse your crystals because they are already all charged up with amazing high vibrational energy!

The owner Amanda is also the kindest, most caring and incredible person I've ever met which makes me want to support her and her business even more! She puts SO much love and care in everything she does!

I wish I could give more stars than 5, she deserves way more!!


How to raise your vibration.🔮💞

The higher our vibration, the higher the quality of life. The lower our vibration, the lower energy we produce and the higher amount of negativity we surround ourselves with.

1- Spend more time in nature and by the water.

2-Eat high vibration foods like leafy greens, fruits and raw nuts and seeds.

3.-Move your body. Dance, run ,jump ,just get moving.

4-Use crystals charged with Reiki. Add them around your space, carry them in your purse and even car.

5. Use Aromatherapy oils because they come from plants and plants vibrate at a high frequency ,avoid perfumes filled with artificial scents.


Awesome quality crystals and I love that local delivery is offered,so I get it quickly !!


It came with so many extra surprises!! My wife loved the spray so much she uses is everyday and says it helps her moods.