About me 👽

 My name on this earth at this now moment is Amanda. I have reincarnated many times just like you...but when we come back we forgot our past lives ..

I'm here to help with your MYSTICAL journey of REMEMBERANCE and help you remember who you  truly are. 

My mission is to be a bright light in the world as a Lightworker. I've walked through the darkness just like you and felt it and then returned back to the vibration of Love and Gratitude.❤

We ALL have darkness ...but we must learn to love it and BALANCE it.

I want to help raise your frequency and offer you the most beautiful but also most powerful crystals you can find. I INNERSTAND the energy they contain and how they can help improve your life.

I SEE you healing and evolving into a better version of yourself. Spending more time in nature and meditation and staying PRESENT. 

This site was created to share knowledge and tools on your journey here on earth . Crystals will come charged to help inspire and heal you .

All items on this site are hand picked by me and my guides. I also make all Aromatherapy  and only use the best quality oils. They will come in glass bottles to keep them fresh. Plastic is not good for oils and you should only use glass.

I am certified in Quantum Energy Light Energy Healing and an ENERGY healer ,I have studied with many Shamans and always love to share my knowledge with you. You can message me with any question you have about the services I offer or to book a session with me by sending me an email if you are ready.

I also offer DIVINE facials and services  out of a studio in Hamilton Ontario if you would like to come see me in person , go to OFFERINGS page for more details.

I am Grateful you are here on your path to healing and enlightenment. ❤ 

I send you love and light. 🌟🌟