Do you remember your DIVINE feminine power?

Do you know the meaning of the word DIVINE ? IT means heavenly, celestial ,extremely good and unusually lovely. That is what you truly ARE.

There is nothing more important than you feeling positivity and LOVE and remembering your truth .✨

I created these treatments to inspire and nourish your soul and your skin. To help you fully embody your goddess essence.👑

Allow yourself to bring in more love and self-care. 💗

This is no ordinary facial but a ritual experience and energy healing .

It will combine affirmations, Quantum Light, Reiki , and Copper Gua Sha to balance your chakras.  

I will be applying only the highest quality most natural skincare that was made locally with intentions to bring back your glow.

Products like Rose water toner to clear out negative energy and fight signs of aging. Also sacred Basil oil which instantly helps to release stress and brighten complexion.

I promise you’ve never experienced a facial like this before .When its complete you’ll also get a healing crystal to go home with you to  bring more light into your YOU-niverse.

Now is the time to honor your soul and gift yourself  this magical ceremony of self care. CHOOSE YOU.


INCLUDES -Cleanse, hot towel,  exfoliation, high frequency,massage, Gua Sha, hand massage ,Reiki,Facial mask (dead sea clay) ,organic skincare.

Plus high frequency music 528 hertz to heal your heart and affirmations .


Duration - 1 hour

Angel number 222 means -to focus on self love .When you start loving yourself you are at peace with your current reality, you open up a window to a new possibilities .

Use chat option or EMAIL to book .



Are you looking for more results ?

If you want a higher attunement and recalibration and renewal of your skin then you will want this phenomenal treatment .

Microneedling is great to help with scars, fine lines,wrinkles , skin tone and texture.

Microneedling is one of the oldest beauty rituals that has stood the test of time for good reason. Even in ancient China there was a form of microneedling.

Microneedling uses small, sterilized needles to prick the skin. The purpose of this treatment is to generate new collagen and skin tissue to smooth, firm, and tone skin.

I will make sure you are comfortable by using a numbing cream before we needle.

This will also include the same ritual practices as my goddess facial including the reiki and energy healing. You will also get a crystal to go home with you.

Cost - package of 3 - $300 if purchased in ADVANCE   Duration - 1 hour

Now only $155.55 for new clients.





 Lash Lift/ Tint with Reiki  -

$75 takes about one hour

My Lift and Tint service is very unique. I only use very gentle Vegan/Cruelty free products. Your lashes will be curled and your look extra dark like your wearing mascara!! I also always include a Brow tint to finish off the look.

With this service you will also receive a relaxing hand massage and 10mins of healing Reiki energy to balance your Chakras. 

At the end of this service you will be gifted with a surprise crystal to keep with you so you can continue to keep raising your vibrations.


 Tooth Gems 

Starting at $60 for Swarovski Crystal and $120 and up for 22k Gold designs.

I ALWAYS offer a discount if you want more than one or if you book with a friend,please message me for that offer. 

Tooth Jewelry is completely safe. Non Toxic and does not damage the teeth.  

They are semi-permanent lasting months to years depending on your lifestyle. 

I offer a 30 day GUARANTEE on all my gems, if they come off I will replace them for free. After the 30days it is regular price .



 QUANTUM REIKI - One hour - $80  

Reiki is using the energy from the UNIVERSE to help balance your BODY,MIND and SOUL . I have my own unique method I created ,I do a sort of guided meditation walking you through healing each chakra . I clear away and stick energy ,cords or attachments . I also do a consult when we are done to share what areas I found blockages and ways you can heal them. You need to make changes to heal yourself. My job is to help guide you to your highest frequency and healthiest physical body.

You also get a crystal to go home with you ,



 Cosmic Body Massage- 60mins - $80.00

Why get a regular massage when you can get a COSMIC massage.

It is the perfect mix of  Swedish body massage for relaxation mixed with healing. I went to college and learned how to massage but felt it was missing the energy work and chakra alignment so I created this powerfully healing service.

This massage includes Aromatherapy ,Hot towels and a scalp massage and I play healing high frequency music .